Our Story

Proudly Canadian owned and operated...

~ Bon appétit ~ Borrowing from French bon appétit, from bon ("good") + appétit ("appetite"). (en.wiktionary.org)


We tell ours through our fresh ingredients and our passion for the plate. Since 2006, Copa Cafe began in the heart of Coquitlam. With happy customers appreciate our work everyday. We span into different area in Greater Vancouver, with locations in Coquitlam, Vancouver and Richmond.

Our exceptionally Chef brings unexpected yet great tasting Hong Kong Cafe’s classics. We then gives these carefully crafted recipes to our culinary team, making sure they have perfected these creations before bringing them to you. And that’s what you can always be sure of, that there’s a chef in every Copa Cafe’s kitchen making your plate just right.

It’s this passion in our recipes that makes a visit to Copa Cafe truly unforgettable. Whether you come for a favourite meal or love trying our feature dishes, Copa Cafe is all about great food without the pretension. We’re a great place for friends and a cozy spot for date nights.

Come join us for a meal and be a part of our story...